1. Increase the value of your home
By installing a good quality, high end procelain tile throughout your home you will be able to get a higher price for your home and sell it faster.

2. Create a variety of looks
Todays tiles can give you many different looks from classic to contemporary and every look in between.

3. Visually enlarge your space
By using an oversized tile you can make your space look larger.

4. Easier maintenance
Not only are tiles much easier to clean than most other flooring types, they are much more hygenic as well.

5. Porcelain is very durable
Unlike some other flooring, porcelain is extremely resiliant.

6. Unify your look
Using tiles can help tie your rooms together and create a clean look.

7. Create a unique look
Some of the newer, more modern tiles are like pieces of art in themselves.

Edward Saunders
X-Tile Canada